Summer Sunset

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You Made Me This Way
2 years ago
How can I sleep So soundly in bed When the demons awaken Every night in my head I was so much better Before I met you So to our end I am thankful And our beginning I'll rue People see me in photos And...
They Didn't Listen (Dialogue with Derry and the Clown in the Sewers)
2 years ago
Shiny wet teeth Hiding in the sewers That's all you are Great bloody jaws With a mask I'll eat you alive Who's gonna notice A kid gone missing Anyway This town's dead Red balloon Floating in the sewer...
You're Not My (Boy)Friend
2 years ago
When you said "Let's just be friends" I think you did forget That you spent most of my time Simply playing nice And in the end I played pretend Hoped it was just a game But you held the rules I was a ...
A Fire That Burns
2 years ago
I hope to light A fire that's bright And warm enough for me I hope to find Someone so kind To make it burn brilliantly And burn it will Across the sky Let it blaze like silver stars Whilst smoke impri...
A Winter's Hope
2 years ago
When winter falls I hope to see Snow outside my window Glistening bright Through heaven's light It's a perfect sight to see Unfortunately I doubt my wish Will really see the light For December morn Th...