Steven Altman

He is a minor professional goalie writing about the game of hockey and all the things that come with the traveling/hockey lifestyle. He runs the Minor Pro Life blog and writes poetry in his spare time.

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Edge of the River
3 months ago
Head bowed, knee touching ground. Hand gripping the dirt. He looks forward watching his sweat pool on the brown earth. Clumping and rolling together he follows it's path towards his foot. Knowing in t...
The Warrior
7 months ago
When the spirit has been broken and the world around becomes uneven is where the warrior will be found. Ground into the earth, body broken down. A force will take hold telling him to stand on hallowed...
Building My Home
8 months ago
I yearned for more. More love. More attention More of a thought. More of a connection Instead, I found that I needed to form a way to grow, create a new home. To prune my insecurities and mend the cru...