Steph Sinclair

A young poet. 

Dear You
11 hours ago
Dear, you, Heartbreaker, silent leaver, Soul sucker, life taker You know who you are, You know why I write to you, Not for you, Nor myself, today I write For the souls still in your path There is so m...
9 days ago
mornings like these beach cuddles with the sun barely up stars still hanging on in the pale light of dawn while the world awakens around us when we are so insignificant that we can sit in each other's...
12 days ago
Death is like this flashing hot, painful contradiction, of an ugly pain and beautiful release. A calm frenzy of fleeting life and a painful battle to keep it. And in these contradictions lies truth an...
12 days ago
In our preparation for self-discovery, We’re not sure what the future will hold. What comes next? How do we handle the truth? Answers will arise from the new light shone on the ugly truths we Hold dea...
14 days ago
Sit work Sit make money Sit eat Lie sleep Repeat Life An endless cycle of Sit and stand, lie I want more Sit work No Sit make money No Sit eat No Lie sleep No Repeat No I am uncontrollable I refuse co...
15 days ago
Falling Both terror and peace consume A falling being Contradicting our very purpose of survival By putting it all on the line For the feeling of being alive. A rush of not knowing what’s behind every...