Steph Sinclair

A young poet. 

Goodbye to You
5 months ago
Dear, You I thought again of you and your betrayal I was surprised this time though, That instead of it bringing me pain, I felt nothing and although This numbness isn't something I strive for in life...
Poetic Violence
9 months ago
I was born to fight Be violent and defend my views I was also born to be passionate Care about my words To be violently poetic is the way I was made Violence is poetic by nature And poetry, also viole...
9 months ago
Ceilings The perfect canvas For mental paintings Deep in the night When a blank, dreamless, Sleep refuses to present itself When nothing is seen or real, Nothing stays the same When the ‘helps’ are si...
Dear You
9 months ago
Dear, you, Heartbreaker, silent leaver, Soul sucker, life taker You know who you are, You know why I write to you, Not for you, Nor myself, today I write For the souls still in your path There is so m...
9 months ago
mornings like these beach cuddles with the sun barely up stars still hanging on in the pale light of dawn while the world awakens around us when we are so insignificant that we can sit in each other's...
9 months ago
Death is like this flashing hot, painful contradiction, of an ugly pain and beautiful release. A calm frenzy of fleeting life and a painful battle to keep it. And in these contradictions lies truth an...