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4 months ago
You’re not my problem, child. Springtime in Seattle. Cherry blossoms in bloom. Nirvana on the radio. The Roor, the Roor has broken. Into pieces under the table on the hardwood. Dream or nightmare, it’...
4 months ago
Looking outside myself at myself so I can see inside myself. Trying to find within what may be without, or rather, not there at all. The colors of the spectrum blazing my mind, leaving red, black, and...
5 months ago
They imploded the Kingdome today. Odd—I would have thought an 80 million dollar roof would have hovered after the explosions, but it didn’t. It fell like the 80 million dollar lump of concrete and til...
6 months ago
My thoughts are like a dream catcher hanging in the rearview mirror of a red pick up. In extreme, the visions of distaste prove nothing and the serenity of past days falter. Now, the womb removed from...
Antennae Ball
6 months ago
The Jack in the Box antennae ball stared at me from atop the cop car’s antennae. Mimicking me, ridiculing me—telling me that there has to be more to life than this. Life—nothing but nothing—I should p...