Sophia Marie

I don't write a lot anymore, I just post my past collection that I'd like to share. I will always write whenever it's the right time, but not often. I do photography and film now! You can find me on instagram with my photos @paodessy!

Silent Apology
a year ago
The love in one's heart, Only few can reach. The wise in one's soul, Only they can teach. The wonder in one's eyes, Only few can see. The quiver in one's voice, Only happens to be, One you can't reach...
a year ago
fighting, no guns, or weapons, living till the end, till our end. the end of the world, the beginning of humanity. this isn't all, or it., just listen to your soul. fight for your world, learn for you...
Ocean of Hate
a year ago
a cold ocean of hate, filled with feelings, that you would never portray. you pick up new thoughts, you boast your new words, leave them with no meaning, speak them with no slurs. you hesitate to care...