I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Pick Up the Sticks
11 hours ago
She sat down at the sticks. Over the connection he looked at her severely. She rolled with the picks. He scrolled through the titles clearly. With microphone near her mouth She spoke codes and cheats....
Like CEOs
a day ago
Most point to lawyers and doctors As go-to professions for the aspiring careerist. From the desk of test proctors These goals seem to be the dearest. But there are an abundance of professions Like CEO...
The Creatives
2 days ago
The Industrial Revolution was one for art. The creatives in business flourished, From the very start. All who worked were well nourished. This time period called for the best. The artist became the bu...
One Should Fight
3 days ago
The draw of the dollar Can bring a man to labor. Whatever the color of his collar, He will enrich himself and his neighbor. But one’s self must come before all others The selfish sense comes even befo...
The Same Road
4 days ago
Observe the way she lives her life. She chooses career and romantic involvement. Through her stress and strife, She leads a movement. Her husband is her ideal, Her highest value is with him. She makes...
Heavy as Skin
5 days ago
When will be the day Where all colors unite, And everyone will say That there be a day and night? A time to remember the brutal Reality of slavery told true, Where forgetting would be futile And every...