I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Potent Hands
15 hours ago
The faiths of yesterday and today are A result of philosophy. They take Up a cross, crescent, or David’s own star. But each rests on feelings for one’s own sake. Each is mystical and is canned thought...
I Hate Hip Hop
2 days ago
I hate hip hop, but I respect rappers. Those who call it a culture are wrong. It is a genre based on the mappers Who chart how to steal from another song. Hip hop had a chance at the very start. The b...
3 days ago
It is known that there are men and women On walls with guns. They must protect the one That can’t defend himself. They were chosen To save the nation before their time’s done. Veterans stood for the g...
Constant Defense
4 days ago
A standing collar of midnight blue brings Out the solemn regard in honor of The fallen. In silence, the mind just sings The thoughts of fighters below and above. In scarlet and gold the colors just fl...
The Ones with the Guns
6 days ago
In war, why are the troops even armed at all? Why can’t they just sacrifice themselves to Better the greater good and let them fall? Don’t the ones with the guns represent few? Conscientious objectors...
6 days ago
Self-sacrifices, selfishness, and all The unselfishness in the world today Cannot contend with the one, single call Of individualism that must say. The selfish, first-handed person only Cares about th...