I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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The United States' Perfection
a month ago
Presidents’ Day is meant for reflection. There’s time to contemplate on the men who Have lead the United States’ perfection. But great Presidents, there have been too few. Commanders-in-chief like Was...
What Better Place...Where?
4 months ago
What better place is there than the green Earth? From the outset of discovery at Infancy, the sea, land, and air gain worth. Empty words pump into sounds that are pat. Such words signal that they are ...
Work Like the Trains
4 months ago
Financiers hang their trust out like anglers Fishing for a deal that is rife with truth. They show more honesty than the stranglers But on TV, they’re as fierce as a tooth. More crimes are committed b...
Gleaming Pieces
4 months ago
Skyscrapers rise up from the earth, splendid. The minds that went into fashioning the Gleaming pieces of art are intended To spark wonder and awe when one can see. They represent the minds that built ...
Shape the World
4 months ago
Who’s the one who says that minds are depraved? Sure, there are those who commit wrongdoing. But that is off from what the brain has craved. Good is what most folks begin pursuing. Through many defeat...
What's in a Trade?
4 months ago
To trade on Giving Tuesday is divine. Instead of bowing and scraping and alms, One should focus on myself, me, and mine. Never mind how many have outstretched palms. Think of trading as the chief way ...