I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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When You Win
18 days ago
The victory lap Is something to love. When you’ve made your cash And you’ve found a friend For life, what else is There to savor? When You’ve created wealth And wrangled time to Suit your needs, then ...
Birds of Drugs
19 days ago
The drug trade in this Entire world means Big business and crime. But why crime? When blood Trickles from lifeless Bodies, why not end The War on Drugs and Institute a new Way that dollars can Flow? W...
It's a Bling Thing
20 days ago
The richest music Genre in the world, Hip Hop, is quite the Beautiful basket Case. It’s a bling thing, Dripping in diamonds And flashing dollar Bills to the cameras. But the beats, battles, And nonsen...
The Aspect
21 days ago
So, I owe you, now. I will finesse, and Drop quietly, funds Into your account. So, you owe me, now? I will keep this in The house until you Realize that you Must pay. The business Of trading must be H...
Money and Women
22 days ago
There is much to be Said about money And women. Chase not Either of them. Just Let them approach you. Ensure that the cash Is legitimate. Make sure that she is About her business. Earn the dollars to ...
23 days ago
Black, brown, yellow, white And red are the paints That tint the canvas Of humanity. Currencies come in More colors: blue, green, Pink, to state a few. Why don’t we see the Colors of money Instead of ...