I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Thank Bankers
21 hours ago
For dollars to flood The economy, Financiers must do The work. These reviled Creatures who make the Market are the types To walk in silence And let their deals do The talking. Without The brilliant mi...
When a Free Market Arises
2 days ago
What massacres can You point to that have Occurred at private Schools, that have stolen The lives of decent Students, teachers, and Others? So you say That parochial Schools have prayer? How Can reque...
To Create Wealth
3 days ago
Who is poor in the United States? The Cars, mobile phones and Running water are Symbols of having Some semblance of wealth. Compare this to the Dearth of dollars that Africa shows. The People live in ...
Smart Work
4 days ago
The will to work is Paramount. Whether You sweep the streets or Manage trillions of Dollars in a firm, You earn your keep by Producing. The best Ones make the most of What their mind allows. Blue coll...
The Industrialists
5 days ago
Commercialism Is but a facet Of the system that’s Capitalism. When companies make Profits, it is in The name and glory Of the one practice Which cares not for skin Color or race or The nonessentials. ...
6 days ago
Have you ever seen So many actors And actresses and Athletes and writers? As they deliver Lines, pass pucks, and take To the field, and pen Screenplays, these people Make up the world of Entertainment...