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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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The End of the Game
3 months ago
The heroes that don’t have super powers Or capes or weapons are the ones who save The day. CEO’s bleed through every hour. They lay their lives on their work just to have. In the comics, in the movies...
The Self Moves
3 months ago
The great mind of the selfish is not to Flatten all of the bodies of others. Nor lay down and be among the too many live by clichés of most mothers. Selfishness is about making a soul By recognizing t...
Human Inventiveness
3 months ago
Do you want a miracle? One that makes The custodian CEO and all The patients their own doctors? It would take A small person to become eight feet tall. Grasshoppers could take and offer advice. Giraff...
Cash Like That
3 months ago
Digital funds flow like shocks that all send Through the Internet. Money rolls through The system when the apps are all friends. The nature of the funds then becomes new. The speed is cash pouring out...
3 months ago
Organizers create beautiful strides To accumulate capital to trade Everything from the food to clothes to rides There are capitalists who never fade. The only law of money that they know Is the fact t...
3 months ago
The central thought of the CEO’s role Is a sentry on guard against all wrong. Maligned, spat upon, and mocked as a whole, The dollar is their everlasting song. The left and the right both trample on n...