Skylar Rella

visual artist, performing artist. 

original art attached to written pieces.

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Purpose Poem
a month ago
This is supposed to be a poem but sometimes I just can’t write; words become words become words become words on a scattered page and I forget how to make meaning, meaning my poems are shit; sometimes ...
Never Fully at Rest
a month ago
Heavy eyelids feel translucent under the subtle sunlight leaking through the thin curtain after another long night without any sleep; my eyes never fully close now that you’re gone. It’s time to roll ...
Lost in Translation
a month ago
I will never forget familiar flames flickering in brown eyes resembling my own, yet speaking languages I would never understand; the inferno consumed him. I remember how his bursts of anger would burn...
Pinch Me
a month ago
Breath stands still in preparation for the puncture, as I anticipate the prolonged pinch. Superhero bandaids bring strength and comfort to a soft boy who shies from needles. The whole routine can be q...
Tinkering with Fairytales
3 months ago
I don’t understand the fuss about the way my clothes fit; blame the trees for their insufficient leaves. You excuse his immaturity but critique my attitude— boys will be boys and I will be stubborn. J...
Princess Grown to King
3 months ago
Bright light of a phone screen repeatedly demanding my attention on a diner table— "Look at me," "Listen to me," "Let reality sink in." Shaky fingers hide the device away into the pocket of pants that...