Skylar Rella

visual artist, performing artist. 

original art attached to written pieces.

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Tinkering with Fairytales
a month ago
I don’t understand the fuss about the way my clothes fit; blame the trees for their insufficient leaves. You excuse his immaturity but critique my attitude— boys will be boys and I will be stubborn. J...
Princess Grown to King
a month ago
Bright light of a phone screen repeatedly demanding my attention on a diner table— "Look at me," "Listen to me," "Let reality sink in." Shaky fingers hide the device away into the pocket of pants that...
Tree Trans-lator
4 months ago
How can I say: “I am One Person” “I am One Trans Person” “I speak as only One Trans Person,” “For only One Trans Person”— And somehow you hear: “I am Many People,” “I am Every Trans Person,” “I speak ...
Blurred Eutopia
6 months ago
Interrupted happiness Two against one Forgotten feelings Escaping air Limited breath Give me a reason to breathe Disrupted eutopia Misplaced map Who’s on my team Blurred vision Threat of the future Su...
You & I
10 months ago
You’re stressed. You’re upset. I’m there to make you smile, Hug you tightly, Tell you it’s all going to be okay. You’re depressed. You’re feeling hopeless. I try my best to give you reason to keep goi...
The Sky
10 months ago
I am the sky: I’m beautiful, Unique, I’m unpredictable. I change day by day; Some days I’m more Bright, More pleasant Than others When I’m Darker, Casting shadows on Everyone and everything Around me....