Skylar Cribb

This is how I choose to control what's going on inside my soul

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Crash and Burn
a year ago
The person I am is Not the person I was I believe maybe I was happier or maybe I was just more reckless than I am now But there comes a time when living fast is too fast You are going straight and fas...
a year ago
To cope and to heal I need three things 1.) poetry 2.) photography 3.) most importantly you
Feeling Extreme
a year ago
Today I am not myself my skin isn't mine and these thoughts do not belong to me I feel as if I could easily rip my skin apart That my emotions are too extreme That me Skylar will not be good enough oh...
a year ago
Look in the mirror and hate what you see once you realize you aren't the person you want to be Hate has taken over your soul searching for love in all the wrongs holes your life is a mess of coping me...
We Live Today
a year ago
We live today in a world where we must fit a mold. Where they make us squeeze tight to fit just right. In every category we must fit. For example we all try to be so different but end up the very same...
The House Was Quiet
a year ago
The house was quiet the world was calm Except for the wars being fought over seas And children screaming as cities are torn apart Fallen soldiers for nations glory The world was calm The children scre...