Skylar Cribb

This is how I choose to control what's going on inside my soul

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Doesn't Make a Lot of Sense
4 months ago
This is a diary I choose to share with the world This is supposed to be a poem Things are rough things get bad than horrible It's all part of growing up Tree trunks are scarred too I don't know shit a...
The Millionth Poem About Rape
8 months ago
You say I'm a baby, that it makes me childish to be afraid to walk to the public restrooms alone But what you don't know is Around every corner, around every turn, there is danger waiting to pounce up...
a year ago
this is a tricky thing at first i have no idea what im doing with anything and want to cry then the next everything is perfectly in line but once i dont understand everything falls out of place i dont...
a year ago
Home. More or less on an alley on the corner a ranch style house with no style what so ever. Dingy looking and even worse on the inside. The certain aroma that hits your nose when you walk in would be...
Spring Time
a year ago
Spring time New blossoms and blooms It's full of life However something lingers It brings in its wake oppressive sadness I don't know you and I can't act like I did But the oppressive sadness I feel l...
What Part Was the Worst?
a year ago
DON’T READ IF YOU KNOW ME Sit down and tell me the worst What do you mean to worst part? I got asked this at 14 The therapist repeated What was the worst part? How can explain what I felt Which dehuma...