Skye Bothma

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Skye is an author and artist living the country dream in rural New Zealand. She's terminally single, and lives with her pet rabbit, Trixie. Follow her at: or visit her website:

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5 months ago
Strange things, buses... Boxes on wheels with people randomly entering and exiting. I can be in a crowd and be totally alone. I sit at my window seat staring out onto the city passing by. Moving, yet ...
The Well
a year ago
The day you left me, a giant hole formed in my heart, a bottomless pit of despair. Yet the people around me saw nothing. And how could I tell them? They could not understand. They expected me to be li...
The Fall
a year ago
I wrote this poem in 2003 about someone I was falling for, but sadly it was never meant to be. It seems this is how love always turns out for me. The Fall Sleepy splashes of sunset gold, sighed softly...
Five Minutes
a year ago
I wrote this poem back in 1995; sadly it is more true today than ever before thanks to the Internet, texting, social media, and society's disposable attitude towards people. Five Minutes A hurried, "G...
Letting Go
a year ago
I held on for so long, believing by sheer will and faith that it could work. I grew tired, the task grew harder. So, the day came that my grip loosened, and I… just… let… go… In a great rush, like a p...