Siena Dini

Hi friends! I write poetry, short fiction stories, essays, and hopefully will start some entries about things I am passionate about! Thanks for reading- it means so much!

instagram: @sienadini

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4 months ago
do you feel the wind rush through your body? touching your spirit? kissing your soul? do you feel the earth dancing with the pull of the moon? i want to dance too—i want to follow you i crave, and i m...
The Little Things
7 months ago
and it is and always has been the little things that get us through to the next breath. it is the bird songs and the taste of wine and the way the wind feels when you stick your hand out the car windo...
I Want to Go
8 months ago
i sit and hold my knees to my chest, which somehow keeps my body from falling apart, starting with tears and then my heart. everything hurts, from my head to my soul. my skin crawls because it is my s...
October Pains
10 months ago
i don’t want to be yours anymore i feel you knocking at my windowpane drawing circles in the cold i feel your warmth through the glass but somehow i’m still frozen would you complete me if i asked? or...
A Sampling of Poetry
a year ago
i feel my chest caving in and my heart bleeding tired limbs reaching out for the love they aren’t receiving i think i’m lonely again thinking about forgotten friends and in the darkest mornings and th...
Contrast of Self
a year ago
i am tears i am blood i am cracking bones i am scars i am migraines i am thoughts of death i am banging my head against the wall i am sobbing the second my head touches the pillow i am steel against s...