Sid l.c

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Writing the things i stay up all night thinking about. Just trying to figure things out.

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12 days ago
I hurt myself again today, I allowed you to build me back up far past what I’ve built myself I hurt myself again. I built a door in my walls and allowed you to walk through I broke rules I suspended t...
Brick Walls
12 days ago
So here’s the thing I don’t communicate well Or often or fucking properly Everything out of my mouth is either something that makes no goddamn sense or is some random shit i recently learned about tha...
2 months ago
How can you be so damn sad when you have so much to be happy about Why isn't the love and support of the people around you enough Why can't you just be fine You should be okay! He kisses you like you'...
3 months ago
Rising with the moon she sat and basked in the glow of the shore Her only friend, the only loving touch she’s ever known Brightly grieving the loss of the innocence she begged to hold onto for so long...
Come Out
3 months ago
I open my curtains to find a gray painted sky crying on my window A knock on my door will steal my attention The depression wants me to come out and play But first, i don’t feel like playing today Sec...
He Sits
3 months ago
A man sits outside my window A glossy face with stone dead eyes He never really smiles and he never even smirks He’s always there while i lay to rest So polite to never really intrude Just waiting on ...