Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

Dare vs. Truth
8 months ago
Engineering become materialism, Lawyers become liars, Doctors become shockers, Robots become disasters, Actors become factors, Teachers become cheaters, Marketing becomes mockery, Truth becomes lie, L...
10 months ago
A ship sets its journey by following course of stars, Not by the lights of every passing ship, We all start our journey of life with a planned destination, But only few reach their desired destination...
Sun and Moon
10 months ago
One day Sun decided to teach Moon, Said dear darling Moon I will empower you with knowledge which will make you shine, You will shine so brightly that people will love you, Moon began to shine and peo...
Children of Tomorrow
10 months ago
Truth on their tongue, Love in their hearts, Understanding in mind overcoming the clouds of confusion, Following their lessons taught by teachers printed on their hearts instead of being brainwashed b...
A Day Beautiful
10 months ago
Some lovely flowering words, Some heartfelt expressions, Some mixed feelings, Some lively colours, Some fragrant thoughts, Some blissful emotions, Some wishful prayers, Some positive vibes, Some refre...
Beautifying Nature
10 months ago
Mother Nature In Your Lap, I took a cozy nap, I saw a beautiful dream, I saw a clear blue flowing stream, The sky was so clear, The fresh air blowing whistle, The snow covered high mountains, The plea...