Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

Unity vs. Division
3 months ago
A ray of white light is a symbol of unity, It splits itself into seven colours VIBGYOR, Each colour symbolizes vibrations, Each colour symbolizes mood, Violet for sensitivity, Indigo for service to hu...
Hate vs. Love
3 months ago
Judging is easy, Comparing is easy, Rating is easy, Shaking is easy, Breaking is easy, Knocking down is easy, Hurting is easy, All the decisions on your life are situational, And in any affair of circ...
4 months ago
True teamwork comes when , Members of team contribute positively towards a common goal, If members keep on finding each other's faults, Then the sum total result is below expected, Focus on positivity...
A Day
4 months ago
A day in life, A day in which there is no comparison, A day in which time is spent happily, A day in which dreams are big, A day in which good comes for all, A day of wisdom, A day of peace, A day of ...
4 months ago
When life is seen from broad perspective, Life is enjoyable, Cos value is given to those who are there in life, When life is seen from narrow perspective, Calamity is seen in every opportunity, Perspe...
4 months ago
Hey feeling happy cos of possessions, This happiness is arising as there is attachment to material, This pseudo flaunting based on materials takes one Nowhere, This is pseudo happiness, Real happiness...