Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

2 months ago
When life is seen from broad perspective, Life is enjoyable, Cos value is given to those who are there in life, When life is seen from narrow perspective, Calamity is seen in every opportunity, Perspe...
2 months ago
Hey feeling happy cos of possessions, This happiness is arising as there is attachment to material, This pseudo flaunting based on materials takes one Nowhere, This is pseudo happiness, Real happiness...
2 months ago
Blessed are the children who have caring parents, 'Cos parents are not less than God for them, Children come in this world as tiny saplings, To be nurtured with care and love, Their little growing ste...
Fragrance of Indian Rose
2 months ago
Thinking of you darling Rose, Your lively fragrance that fills hearts with freshness, You bring souls closer, You bring new friendships, Remembering you from distant land, You add glamour to occasions...
Golden Clock with Golden Time
4 months ago
Dreaming of a golden Clock, With a golden vision, And with an Evergreen mission, With a pendulum of tweeting golden bird, Giving many hours of Success, And many more minutes of Peace, Only few seconds...
Champions of Tomorrow
4 months ago
Strengthening their strengths, Striving for Excellence with Honesty in their field of mastery, Never giving up, Never giving in, Patiently waiting for upcoming opportunities, Keeping track of future t...