Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

a month ago
Life is a journey NOT a destination, Moments are sometimes cherished, Moments sometimes lead to happiness, Moments sometimes lead to sadness, What is important is neutrality, No one can tell you the i...
Scent of Earth's Soil
a month ago
Thinking of my childhood days, when I used to enjoy playing with clay toys, My school used to give me creative projects, I used to play with colours and clay, I used to dance in the rain, I used to fe...
Sympathy vs. Empathy
a month ago
A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SYMPATHY AND EMPATHY IS Sympathy says show pity, Empathy says show respect and love, Sympathy says show tears, Empathy says show love, Sympathy says you are weak, Empathy says...
Unity vs. Division
a month ago
A ray of white light is a symbol of unity, It splits itself into seven colours VIBGYOR, Each colour symbolizes vibrations, Each colour symbolizes mood, Violet for sensitivity, Indigo for service to hu...
Hate vs. Love
a month ago
Judging is easy, Comparing is easy, Rating is easy, Shaking is easy, Breaking is easy, Knocking down is easy, Hurting is easy, All the decisions on your life are situational, And in any affair of circ...
a month ago
True teamwork comes when , Members of team contribute positively towards a common goal, If members keep on finding each other's faults, Then the sum total result is below expected, Focus on positivity...