Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

21 days ago
Memories deteriorate with passage of time, Memories are sweet, Memories are sour, Memories empower, Memories disturb, Life is like a Wheel, Swirling round around, You never know what is gonna happen i...
Nurturing Talent
24 days ago
A new day, A new hope, With Talents nurturing, Life finds new scope, Shaping future bright, Needs young Minds illumination, It's not in DNA that defines personality, It's vision that defines, Long-ter...
What's This Great Britain
a month ago
Your notices read aloud "No", No smoking, No drinking, No spilling, No garbage scattering, What's this?? What's This?? What's This, Garbage, broken glass everywhere, Children playing in park, Feel uns...
Scent of English Daffodil
a month ago
Holding a Daffodil in my hand today, O'darling daffodil, What a feeling, Your fragrance reaches my soul, You symbolize New beginnings, You symbolize New friendships, You symbolize a New You, Your brig...
Tears in My Eyes
a month ago
O'dear don't cry, When you see someone crying, What can you do, What power do you have, Mother nature has created you, She is the one who can do, You are in her lap, She will protect you, Don't show s...
Democracy vs Monarchy
a month ago
Monarchy is when you dominate others, Monarchy is when you disrespect others, Monarchy is when you do pseudo comparisons, Monarchy is when you raise your voice to dominate, Monarchy is when there is w...