Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

Happy Birthday
18 hours ago
An Attitude of power, An Attitude of hope, An Attitude of optimism, An Attitude of enlightenment, Power to unite, Power to integrate, Power of imagination, Beyond your physical control. Power to move ...
4 days ago
Dear Media you are a superpower, You are so influential and you have a power, Power to influence, Power to change, Power to shake, Power to integrate, Power to rate, But you should know one thing, Why...
5 days ago
Festivities bring joy in life, Holi is an auspicious occasion, There are myriad shades and tones in legends of Holi, A strong Belief, The good and the truth that ultimately prevails over the evil spir...
Applying Art of Living
5 days ago
Yesterday was past, Past is a collection of memories, A collection of moments that you recall, Memories can make you happy, Memories can make you sad, Present is the moment that is in your hand, Prese...
Art of Living
6 days ago
Living life is an Art, Everybody doesn't know it, Life is like a boulevard of dreams, In life events happen with course of time, Negativity and Positivity are aspects of life, You can change yourself ...
Gazing at Stars in the Sky
8 days ago
During the day I work hard, No time to dream but to give constructive output, My shadow walks besides me, Sometimes distractions conquer my brain, And I lose my direction of path, When results are not...