Shweta Sharma Devgan

I rejoice being real me

Fragrance of a Newly Bought Doll
2 months ago
Opening my parcel i smelled a newly bought doll, A newly born child, Its fragrance touched my soul, A memory dropped in my mind, When i had given birth to a child, The cry was a sound of music after i...
3 months ago
Women are brave, Women are strong-hearted, Women are Mothers, Mothers hold power to fight with world for good of her children, Women can change their destiny with strong will power, All it needs is de...
Value of Earth's Soil
3 months ago
Moved to distant land, Now i realise the importance of my country, Dedicated people that helped me become what i am today, Caring people making me positive day by day, Realising their worth now when i...
3 months ago
Staying healthy is a blessing, Staying fit is a blessing, Hard work pays off, Modern day routines making fitness difficult, Persistence is the key, Eat what's healthy, Think positive, Love your body, ...
Avenge vs Revenge
3 months ago
Avenge symbolizes punishing the wrong doer, Revenge symbolizes war, Avenge symbolizes positivity, Revenge symbolizes negativity, Both end with 'nge', Both symbolize 'The End' But there is a difference...
Stop Burning Wood
3 months ago
Here comes another day, Going to begin by worship, Wait I lit a candle by using wood, Trees are precious, They suffice our need, But we are fulfilling our greed, Extra long matchsticks, Why?? Why you ...