Shweta Devgan

I rejoice being real me

Golden Clock with Golden Time
19 days ago
Dreaming of a golden Clock, With a golden vision, And with an Evergreen mission, With a pendulum of tweeting golden bird, Giving many hours of Success, And many more minutes of Peace, Only few seconds...
Champions of Tomorrow
19 days ago
Strengthening their strengths, Striving for Excellence with Honesty in their field of mastery, Never giving up, Never giving in, Patiently waiting for upcoming opportunities, Keeping track of future t...
24 days ago
A little sapling undergoing growth, Standing right next to a full grown sturdy tree, Asked,you look fabulous,I want to be like you, The tree replied,dear darling sapling, I was just like you, A tiny l...
a month ago
Thinking can be emotional, Thinking can be rational, Emotional thinking makes you weak, Rational thinking makes you strong, Rational thinking makes you realize the truth, Emotional thinking makes you ...
Dare vs. Truth
a month ago
Engineering become materialism, Lawyers become liars, Doctors become shockers, Robots become disasters, Actors become factors, Teachers become cheaters, Marketing becomes mockery, Truth becomes lie, L...
3 months ago
A ship sets its journey by following course of stars, Not by the lights of every passing ship, We all start our journey of life with a planned destination, But only few reach their desired destination...