shiney poetry

Hey guys I'm Cheyenne and I'm a step-mom, a wife and a inspiring writer and photographer. Between the Chaos and the peace is where you'll find me. can follow me on Instagram: @shiney.poetry 

I Got
4 months ago
I got Ambitions and I got goals, I got stories that still ain't been told but when you hear them stories you will see the words flow off my lips like poetry. They tell the ugly truth in the most beaut...
17 Type of Shit
4 months ago
The things we believe at 17 especially when they come from cute boys with green eyes their words we get hypnotized. Knowing most likely at the end of the day they are just lies to get into our hearts ...
Pretty Girls
4 months ago
pretty girls don't cry because it ruins their makeup, pretty girls don't read books because they want your knowledge to hide your pretty because boys don't want knowledge they want pretty. pretty girl...
Somewhere Between
6 months ago
I am somewhere between the steady rock and the crashing waves, I am somewhere between the calmness of the moon and the fire of the sun, somewhere between what is finished and how much is still left to...
Confessions of a Fat Girl
6 months ago
growing up I was always told "you are pretty for a fat girl" and I always took it as a compliment until I got older and I quickly figured out that they were saying fat girls aren't supposed to be pret...
Rose Colored Glasses
a year ago
I've always felt things differently and deeply than everyone around me seeing the world with my Rose Colored Glasses half on I've always wondered if the moon and the stars followed me like they specif...