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Hey guys I'm Cheyenne and I'm a inspiring writer and photographer. Between the Chaos and the peace is where you'll find me. can follow me on Instagram: @shiney.poetry 

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My Mama
13 days ago
My mama always said she brought me home during a hurricane and even though those nine months were a pain that I was still the greatest thing. My mama has a heart so big you can see it state wide, some...
a month ago
To whom it may concern there is a lot of things I can say to hurt you, there is a lot I could do for you to see the pain you left inside me but that is not what this is about, this is about something ...
I Was
a month ago
I was a thunder storm when you wanted just a little rain, when you wanted just a little wind I was a hurricane. I was always too much when you wanted just enough, when you wanted close enough and beca...
You'll Find Me
a month ago
Somewhere between lost and found, somewhere between being what I have to be and being free, somewhere between these regrets that I hold and the strength to let them go is where you'll find me. Somewhe...
Monster in Disguise
2 months ago
There is a monster behind these innocent eyes, trying to disguise its truth in all the lies, trying to understand whats wrong with me, the things I would never be. A monster in disguise wanting to bel...
My Poetry
2 months ago
Some people say i'm quiet, too quiet it makes them uncomfortable, that i should speak my mind more and let my words roll freely off my tongue, like i don't battle with my mind to find the right ones t...