Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. Instagram: grungefirepoetry 


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Forces of Nature
a day ago
Winter, she's the ice queen with a killer smile, frosted knives for nails and a hint of peppermint in your morning coffee, waking you up for another round of mistakes. Spring, she's the dead flower yo...
You're Not Going to Like Me Now
3 days ago
You're not going to like me now. Hollowed sockets that used to stay up passed the midnight hour stitching up pieces of your broken soul, no longer live in this body. The twinkling lights in my eyes ca...
Five Senses
4 days ago
Can you feel that? It's the melancholy pressure of the wind ripping apart your lungs, like the ruthlessness of my nails digging a grave within your skin, making way for this tornado of seduction and m...
6 days ago
I met you and then I never closed my eyes again. Reality always averted me in your presence, making me float through time as if your love never buried me six feet under ground, and placed a single ros...
7 days ago
I’ve tripped and fallen, thoughts clipped of their wings but never blessed with holy water. I’m afraid of you and what you do, to the devil waiting patiently for the sound of your name. Your lies have...
7 days ago
I've done everything I can, to make you see the real me. The ugly, the bad, the incarnation of beauty that's reflected upon my face. At the of the day, your smile is still frozen, waiting for my next ...