Shantoy Styles

I am new to writing, just wanted a space to share my stories. Thank you for reading if you enjoyed any of my works of art please leave a tip. 

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3 months ago
Screaming out for help when there is no one listening The light that is in me is no longer glistening Maybe if I disappear it will be fair A less burden for people to compare No more pain that is caus...
5 months ago
In a world that is selfish It is normal to be cold Dreaming of a knight in armor That is filling for my soul You speak words of a snake charmer Piercing my heart like a bullet hole Only I if I had a c...
Chocolate High
5 months ago
Your smile Intoxicating that it is taking me to a higher level The touching of our lips sends dopamine to my brain Screaming out for more. Kisses cascading down my cocoa skin Awakening my sensations Y...