Shane Eide

Shane Eide is an author of fiction, essays, aphorisms and poetry. He edits and writes at as well as The Burning Block, an ezine.

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I Won
2 months ago
I won the election They heard what they wanted I didn't feel bad that I lied It was for the greater good But even if I'd told the truth They would have lied to themselves They would have heard what th...
By Man's Hand
7 months ago
Rightly wronged grin at my foe My crushed petals without whoa Distinction between things unsaid Tantamount to space between read Words on pages and lines of song By events are days made long Without h...
Capital Incision
7 months ago
I have quelled habitual boredom With endless degrees of whoredom Until the moment time reciprocates I have sought for essence In fabricated presence Acquainted with the past far too late Denial in thi...
Dinner Party
7 months ago
Witness I did a love affair This jaded and apprehensive pair Whose affectations were bathed in strife A timid husband and his gaudy wife With sniffling spawn and a two car garage A wispy love built on...