Serrena Gragg

Welcome to my poetry page. This is where I will leave pieces of me for those who care to read my thoughts. 

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<3 you. 

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I Don't Play Games
a month ago
Boys are players, They'll feed into your mind. Stealing the sunlight, Stealing your time. Telling you softness, Pretty butterfly words. Flutter into your mind, And consume your thoughts. Your brain is...
2 months ago
I've spent a while trying not to fall for anyone else. My ex used to tell me That I was a lot And no one could handle my Anxiety driven self. To be fair I am a lot He actually told the truth But now I...
I'm Not a Piece of Meat
2 months ago
What a big mistake You make When you break my fucking heart. Go ahead and slit your own Throat And I'll watch you bleed on my shirt. What a loving girl I am yet, you don't seem to care. Are you lost, ...
Can I Be the Yuna to Your Tidus?
2 months ago
How do things begin? Do we stay here in this zone as friends and one day magically become something more. Maybe I just think too much. Tell me how does this start? Life isn't a game and there aren't a...
2 months ago
I think that I've changed. I used to be afraid of the storms; when the lightening would strike I would cry, then the thunder would make my bones rattle with fear, teeth clenching, heart stopping, anxi...
Emotional Fuck Up
2 months ago
I'd like to say I'm sorry. I'm not mad that you said no. Truth is I don't think I'd say yes to myself anymore, For what it's worth. I want to say that I'm happy. Sometimes that's really the truth. But...