Serrena Gragg

Welcome to my poetry page. This is where I will leave pieces of me for those who care to read my thoughts. 

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<3 you. 

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The Color of Pain
a month ago
Clear tears fall down It's 2 AM and there's not a sound. You can only hear your own heart race as you close your eyes and see his face. You're trapped in a dark gray mood because everyone around you s...
a month ago
Aimlessly walking outside today I noticed a hummingbird looking at me. As seconds pass on our moment continued and with a flap of its wings it was gone. I ponder about that often why a little bird wou...
a month ago
All this rage inside All this anger I feel I try to hide I try to heal I scream and yell Into the dark of night. Holding on to hope that In the morning, I'll be alright. I'm mad at the shadows That bo...
2 months ago
I used to dream of a house with four walls. Standing almost 10 feet tall inside were memories I dare not share, and feelings that I couldn't bare. I dreamed that a house was a place where you grew. Bu...
Girl in the Mirror
2 months ago
I look in the mirror, and what do I see? The things in the mirror, aren't really me. I take a long look, and count to three. Then I make a list of the things I see. I see my hair, My smile, My eyes, I...
2 months ago
In my window, Blinked a little ball of light. I wonder what it sees in me, I wonder if it's right. Little tiny lighting bug, Blinking in my window. Why is it you blink at me? What makes me so special?...