Serrena Gragg

Welcome to my poetry page. This is where I will leave pieces of me for those who care to read my thoughts. 

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<3 you. 

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Weak and Angry
8 days ago
I just want to be mad. I want to scream, Punch, Bite, I swear I'll fight but I'm tired. I just want to smile. But I'm weak from the days behind me. And I'm struggling to be happy in the days before me...
Take Me to a Place
8 days ago
Take me to a place where I can remember the light that was stolen from my soul long ago. Take me to a place where I can believe once again that I deserve to be happy, healthy and free. Take me to a pl...
When I Asked Him to Shower with Me
16 days ago
My body was a peach, I had liked him to take a bite. I don’t think it’s very nice at all, He was not very polite. To make me fall, To tell me he’d taste me too, But he didn’t seem to have much delight...
Original Thought
16 days ago
You don’t have an original thought, do you? You keep spreading the same words around. The same fucking style. You know, you told me that too. The lies that you’re spilling inside heads with a sick smi...
Burnt Hands
16 days ago
The rope burns my hands As I try to hold on, It hurts a lot more Then I thought it would. The rope Gave me scars, Made my hands bleed and ache, Trying to keep a grip on this, We were hanging by a thre...
My Name
22 days ago
People have always made a game Out of my pretty name, Calling me everything but Who it is that I am. Sometimes I get quite frustrated At the thought of how A simple three syllable word Could be choppe...