Serrena Gragg

Welcome to my poetry page. This is where I will leave pieces of me for those who care to read my thoughts. 

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<3 you. 

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Daddy Issues
6 days ago
They say girls fall in love with guys who are like their fathers. But what if their father wasn't there at all? It's not any easy thing to love, It's not easy to fall. He left her there year after yea...
Sharp Tongue
3 months ago
I'm not always the nicest I've said things I can't unsay. The tongue inside my mouth Is sharper than a knife. And I even cut myself with my words Most days. I try to be kind. I swear I try to be kind....
On Days Like This
3 months ago
On days like this I miss you the most. On days like this I miss your words. When you would tell me how much you loved me too. I miss the way you hugged me. The way you used to smell. The way I could b...
I Don't Play Games
8 months ago
Boys are players, They'll feed into your mind. Stealing the sunlight, Stealing your time. Telling you softness, Pretty butterfly words. Flutter into your mind, And consume your thoughts. Your brain is...
8 months ago
I've spent a while trying not to fall for anyone else. My ex used to tell me That I was a lot And no one could handle my Anxiety driven self. To be fair I am a lot He actually told the truth But now I...
I'm Not a Piece of Meat
8 months ago
What a big mistake You make When you break my fucking heart. Go ahead and slit your own Throat And I'll watch you bleed on my shirt. What a loving girl I am yet, you don't seem to care. Are you lost, ...