Serrena Gragg

Welcome to my poetry page. This is where I will leave pieces of me for those who care to read my thoughts. 

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<3 you. 

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9 days ago
I used to dream of a house with four walls. Standing almost 10 feet tall inside were memories I dare not share, and feelings that I couldn't bare. I dreamed that a house was a place where you grew. Bu...
Girl in the Mirror
9 days ago
I look in the mirror, and what do I see? The things in the mirror, aren't really me. I take a long look, and count to three. Then I make a list of the things I see. I see my hair, My smile, My eyes, I...
9 days ago
In my window, Blinked a little ball of light. I wonder what it sees in me, I wonder if it's right. Little tiny lighting bug, Blinking in my window. Why is it you blink at me? What makes me so special?...
Darling You Need to Know
9 days ago
Darling put down that razor blade, . and bandage those wounds. . Don't put a bullet into that Gun, . You know it's too soon. . You think you mean nothing and that your life must end, . but you're a sh...
The Girl Who
11 days ago
Think about it for a second, think of who I am. I'm not some simple easy girl, you have to understand. I'm the girl who sits there silent, watching the world win. I'm the girl with the biggest heart, ...
18 Years Later
13 days ago
18 years later, you try again. You come back in my life, Trying to make amends. With one simple sweep, I let you in. Though I know in my heart, That You’ll leave again. You gave me life, But you leave...