Serenity Mask

I’m just simple girl with extremely complex ideas.

I’m currently writing my first book. 

I am the founder of: Underground Homeless Initiative 

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An Angel?
a month ago
The introduction has replayed, at least as much as it has rained. She knew she had so often prayed for answers to not be delayed.. could it be her mind had betrayed? An Angel? She sometimes wondered. ...
a month ago
What does that even mean?
Am I Crazy?
a month ago
Am I crazy? Society as a whole is mentally ill. Am I lazy? Are you kidding? I just barely learned how to chill. Life is Hazy... Hazy dreams, wisps of time... yet never standing still. What do I see? T...
New World?
a month ago
The perfect... ruined paradise! Became imperfect with time. Our history littered with lies, I can’t find reason or rhyme. These or those, think they’re so wise, their kinfolk recorded, family line. Ju...
Fed up with the Whole Thing!
a month ago
Hear THIS! Americans & Racism. The whole problem nothing but pure bullshit. We don’t even know who came off which ship. Why would you act like YOUR’S came VIP? Half of you couldn’t begin to tell me......