Serena Taylor

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"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere" - Beauty and The Beast

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My Sunshine
7 days ago
She came when I needed her most I was sad every day And a friend like her was all I longed for She was energetic and gentle A good listener and companion She always brought sunshine to my day And prov...
Our Tree
8 days ago
My dearest love, I saw a tree today. Now it wasn't just any old tree It had a sturdy trunk and wide branches With rich amounts of colour That perfectly filled the gaps between them. I know what you mu...
8 days ago
You might think it odd but whenever I see a bench I think of him I see the two of us sitting on it laughing and talking naive to the memories we were creating we did not know how tightly we'd cling to...
8 days ago
I'm no one special. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Pretty generic right? I always try to keep a smile on my face Because I fear the alternative. I'm afraid of falling I never seem to stick to anyth...
a month ago
Have you ever seen rain fall on a body of water One drip creates a ripple When the rain thickens the ripples intercept Causing a little storm on the once calm surface Rain takes a clear serene puddle ...
a month ago
I don't remember when you started to slip away. The thought never occured to me Not once did I imagine I could lose you. But there I was, in conversaton with you And I realized The proximity we used t...