Senmial S

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half full and a work in progress. #ToLoveAndBeLoved

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Dark Horses
10 days ago
Dark horses follow me White horses guide me With every move I make And every step I take My luck never runs out My moves, always so apt They never see me coming They don't know where I am going The un...
False Prophets Pt. I
10 days ago
You claim to love You claim to be one of the good ones You claim to be the right choice But then, You've left us bluer than turquoise So bias; so unfair, all about you is far from being poise People s...
I Miss You
10 days ago
In the middle of night I awake with a frightened mind Feels like the cold winters all over again Aching inside, can't stand this pain Come back to me, please love me again I yearn for your love I miss...
10 days ago
Hey stranger How are you doing? That look I see is somewhat confusing Is that a hi? Or a goodbye? 'Cause I can see you leaving Misleading sensory cues Emotions are so hard to explain Trying to underst...
The Power Within
10 days ago
The power within is the power that heals The power within is the energy that kills The power within is what tells me to be The power within like a mirror to see The energy exudes from within in my dre...
Where Is My Home?
10 days ago
This place doesn't feel like home This isn't what I called my throne So many strange places And I can't seem to get used to new faces I was brought here I know Out of my own free will I've had enough ...