Senmial S

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half full and a work in progress. #ToLoveAndBeLoved

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12 days ago
Thoughts in my head make me sink every time Drowning in self-pity or maybe the world is just cruel What life has been—so distasteful Each time I try to see the aesthetics, I see all far from beautiful...
Us Against the World
20 days ago
I want you to look at me that way And I need to hear the things you have to say I love it when you look at me that way And no longer lurking, these emotions come out to play Misunderstood is what they...
Can't Feel a Thing
a month ago
I keep growing distant From the ones I love and loved From the ones that loved and love And now I can't feel a thing There are voices in my head And like cancer, it does nothing but spread Eating me u...
The Ones that Got Away
2 months ago
We stayed up all night Trying to hold those fascinating conversations Cracking each other up with the best jokes ever Trying to figure out what the motive was We never kept track of how time flew past...
Dark Horses
2 months ago
Dark horses follow me White horses guide me With every move I make And every step I take My luck never runs out My moves, always so apt They never see me coming They don't know where I am going The un...
False Prophets Pt. I
2 months ago
You claim to love You claim to be one of the good ones You claim to be the right choice But then, You've left us bluer than turquoise So bias; so unfair, all about you is far from being poise People s...