Savana Verret

Just a small town girl trying to refine her writing. If you like something I post, feel free to tip me! It would really help motivate me to keep writing. 

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I Am Out of Ideas
6 months ago
I am officially out of things to write. I have such a block in my mind. I cannot think of anything, even with all my might. I've written things of each kind. Sometimes, I don't think they're good enou...
Just Be Me
7 months ago
A lot has changed in the past few years. I've gained a lot, I've lost a lot. But now the world's all ears. I've found my voice. I'll say it loud: "Everything is my choice." No one is going decide for ...
To My Ex-Best Friend
7 months ago
I don't understand. What happened? What seems like yesterday, we were cool. But now, I feel like a fool. Out of nowhere, you had an issue with me. You made me feel as insignificant as a flea. I texted...
When A Woman Walks
7 months ago
When a woman walks with confidence, you see it. You see it in the smile on her face, the swing of her hips. She expresses herself through her newfound wit, and you see the genuine smile on her lips. M...