Saturn Aurora

I am a recent creative graduate, who seeks to connect and convey with the power of writing! My dream is to inspire the world, one step at a time through my various articles and text! Im still learning and still progressing!

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My Dawn and Dusk
9 months ago
My life is the cycle of dawn and dusk, Lay bare to witness the repeat of life and death Listen to my cry when the moon is high And withstand the beating drums of my desires and sins I am marked with t...
The Unheard Moon
9 months ago
The moon sits silently on the mountaintop It’s voice unheard on heights afar Look past the light of the sunny drop And hear the cry from an unhealed scar The moon sits crying on the bloody sea Its tea...
A Swan Song Lost in Time
9 months ago
Hear now the hidden song that resonates the archaic melody The Chilling tone lost in time’s fleeting whisper Heaven weeps to the trumpet that heralds our destiny So let the divine tune ring out from b...