Sarai Jakubczak

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Delusional Dating
9 days ago
Why am I stressing? You're always messing. My thoughts are sporadic and I'm empathetic and frantic. Pain and pleasure are one and the same and then we put the blame on those to shame. I'm sitting here...
Slanderous Activity
11 days ago
An outrageous violation of my sanity has given me the strength to speak about some slanderous activities. If libel is the best thing you can pull out of your sleeve, then here's my response to your vi...
The Smell of Thunderstorms
11 days ago
I love the smell of thunderstorms. Rain pouring from the sky. I sit here, high anxiety, but why?! Sirens screaming. URGENCY! EMERGENCY! but ironically there isn't any. An overdose a day, body counts, ...
Countless Nights
12 days ago
As I was listening to the warm putrid substance rise in her throat and expel into the slab of porcelain in front of her, I was smirking. I hoped her pain was excruciating. I wanted her to suffer, feel...
12 days ago
Beneath my skin I am not human. I am terrified and weak. I am merely a temple of insecurity and self-doubt. For many years my ego has been marinating in the sludge of hurtful words and physical abuse....