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I am a freelance writer as well as a private tutor, carer, and mother of two. I enjoy writing poetry and articles. Currently, much of my spare time is spent working on a book about Paganism (one of the many subjects which interests me).

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Pagan Poems
6 months ago
One thing I love about Facebook memories is that it shows me the poems I forgot I wrote. Here are two that came up today 21st December 2018. They were written for the Pagan festival of Yuletide/Winter...
Gibberish Limerick
2 years ago
The first verse of this limerick was originally written in 2014 while the second verse was written in September 2017, with the final three verses composed in October 2017. Verse one is the original, w...
The One
2 years ago
Everything is good There's no need to doubt Wondering if you should Let your feelings out But it's too late for that It's already done Hold tight to this Because he's the one Let go of your fear That ...