Sandy Yvette

I write for my own personal healing, hoping it may touch a soul.

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The Grass Is Greener Here
6 months ago
Am I wrong for holding on To something I was blind to all along How could I not see that you were really into me With all my insecurities screaming so loudly I was unable to realize you found me You t...
Words That Trigger (Pt. 6)
6 months ago
I give out chance after chance beyond what I should. A lot of my pain, you can say was self inflicted. My heart only knows how to, LOVE. But I'm still human. I can only tolerate so much. You see disho...
Words That Trigger (Pt. 5)
6 months ago
I don't need you guessing So let me start confessing Actually, consider this as me professing, That yes I'm still feeling you I know you probably had a clue But I'm letting it be front page news I don...
Words That Trigger (Pt. 4)
6 months ago
There goes my phone again, ringing and ringing I won't take your calls, blocked your whole family off Say what you want, you can't hurt me more I know my worth and I will no longer listen to your mani...
Words That Trigger (Pt. 3)
6 months ago
I just need you to know I'm sorry too I was hurt and acted a fool I’m not trying to make an excuse I know I was ruthless, not giving a fuck, rude and selfish much? Damn what a shame After the man I cl...
Words That Trigger (Pt. 2)
6 months ago
I'm not sure how to feel I don't even know what is real Everything I thought I knew blew up in my face Like damn what a shame I was fed a game Giving all I am, and now I understand Some people just ta...