Samira Haque

8 days ago
In every step of my love
In every day, in every night I have a position, I have a pride I am ready to sacrifice both of them, for you Your presence is in my victory, Your presence is in my defeat You ...
9 days ago
Everything stopped for a moment, when you held my hand with yours I come to meet you, but I am not able to return You are my journey, you are my destination You are the calmness of my heart, when you’...
5 months ago
He has come to meet me, but why is it still lonely? What path has love brought me to? Is this argument with myself or is it with God? Love is like the game of cards It's the story of trust, broken and...
5 months ago
My heart has something special to say to your heart So don’t stay far away, it’s the only request from my heart Just listen to my heartbeat, it says what I’m not able to say with my mouth My heart has...
5 months ago
What happened tonight we will think about tomorrow morning We will point out each error tomorrow morning Stranger, let's have fun tonight and not ruin this moment because of tomorrow We might never me...
6 months ago
Started fighting with all the misery Started living a century in a moment God, what should I do? It is my request, please just give me an answer An answer which gives me the ability to live again God,...