Samantha Williams

Mom of a 2 yo. An art student studying painting (watercolor) and printmaking with a minor in creative writing. I have been writing poetry since I was 13 it is my safe space to tell and figure out how and what I feel. 

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a year ago
I. I see fish in my thoughts. Their bones spread out. Carved underneath a hollow space of soft tissue. I nestle myself there. Weeks I waited to go fishing with my grandpa. Tackle boxes much like coole...
Elegy for My Grandmother
a year ago
And love is bread baskets left in the sun. The bread turned hard. As stone. And men who walk past windows. The same men whom I see at night. Back when wall reliefs sprouted on flat chests. All the gir...
a year ago
All I could think about was fucking. The way hipbones look in compressed charcoal. The feel of paper sheets under bodies/ bones and skin. What if humans had been clothed in something less solid? Trans...