Samantha Williams

I am a young mom of a 2 yo. An art student studying painting (watercolor) and printmaking with a minor in creative writing. I have been writing poetry since I was 13 it is my safe space to tell and figure out how and what I feel. 

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13 days ago
I. I see fish in my thoughts. Their bones spread out. Carved underneath a hollow space of soft tissue. I nestle myself there. Weeks I waited to go fishing with my grandpa. Tackle boxes much like coole...
Elegy for My Grandmother
16 days ago
And love is bread baskets left in the sun. The bread turned hard. As stone. And men who walk past windows. The same men whom I see at night. Back when / wall reliefs sprouted on flat chests. All the g...
16 days ago
All I could think about was fucking. The way hipbones look in compressed charcoal. The feel of paper sheets under bodies/ bones and skin. What if humans had been clothed in something less solid? Trans...