Sagar Panwar

A little bit mine, a little bit yours.

Together this dream is ours.

Poet | Poetry

I am walking in darkness with a notebook and a pen.

5 months ago
I, just sit on my chair And thinking goes on. Why i started loving you. And if, you too start loving me back. How we'll be in near future. How long we'll be together. Past memories hurts. They blame m...
Lost Nowhere
5 months ago
I you. were. Two bodies one soul. We. I. Separated by why? I'm unable to handle myself. You can't imagine the pain, but I feel. It is so cruel. Every moment my eyes are wet. I forgot, how to smile? I ...
My Mysterious Morning
5 months ago
The sound rose from the clock, I quickly got up. Stop it! I cried. Through the window I saw, fog. Still there for me, to say Good Morning. Shine as bright as that of a burning copper. Spread red beams...