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i write stories, poetry and articles about things that i care about. hope you enjoy. if not, that sucks for me but i like writing so i'll continue anyway :)

A Day in the Life? Right
5 months ago
Wake up and hit the alarm; Roll out of bed, run to the washroom; Fix your hair and brush your teeth. Find an outfit, try and look nice; A glass of water, maybe some food? I don't know it depends on my...
What Is Life?
a year ago
It's a big question. Such a big question that could have so many possible answers, it's not even funny, Maybe there is some huge scientific explanation or maybe it's just whatever you think it is, may...
Our Planet
a year ago
A calm sphere floating through the empty; bright green and blue colours visible to anyone out there, A simple and clear atmosphere to keep us within our air, as we float around simply, just leading ou...
A Poem to Society
a year ago
tall and skinny, sporty and tan, that's what you think of when I say society's acceptable woman or man. flat stomach and abs, an impossible goal, it's what's said to be rad but nobody knows. plastic s...