Ruben Willis

I am a published poet, father, gamer, aspiring full-time writer, husband and caregiver. Clearly, never enough free time. :p

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7 months ago
These are the hours that I've come to know the best, the hours the rest of the world slumbers, hidden under the shades of darkness, while those things that cause you distress keep you at bay, under si...
Playing the Odds
9 months ago
We hold it to be a most noble truth, a cornerstone of our system of justice. But, in the wake of the stunning revelations of the last two years, the emergence of the #MeToo movement, and the shocking ...
9 months ago
This realm of peril we blithely allow our children to wander unescorted, the digital playground. All too often, we do not recognize that all of the players wear masks, and some of them disguise monstr...
9 months ago
I don't know what I expected to see, but the chill of recognition I felt, looking at your picture on your firm's site, some thirty-plus years after the last time I held you with the passion in my eyes...
Shattered Illusions
9 months ago
It was a late summer morning when the world changed forever. Images of unexpected horror from our greatest city, dispelling our national sense of moral, technological invulnerability. Only our eldest ...
10 months ago
It starts with a cluster of synapses engaged in an instant, sparking a thought that demands utterance. From there, the thought encounters the Creative web, spun into an image and challenging other Cre...