Ruben Gonzales

I write for poetry, for life, to take one's understanding so much deeper then that they know of. I tell the stories with a meaning thats beyond with a feeling that will pull you in.

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The Mind Is a Prison
9 days ago
I got this cage that Im trapped in// No windows to see just a cell with I, and I with me// concrete floors with no bed so I take a knee// in this cracked mirror all I see is poor reflection of what's ...
12 days ago
I see beyond the black and the white// political hatred being justified as a right// fixated views on our skin pigment alone// no care for the child, woman, man or their own// we turn face when hit th...
Never to Be Forsaken
17 days ago
Our life was once like a flame// Lit from the beginning, we didn't go astray// Filled with dreams, we let light show the way// In the heat of the moment, demeanor and word play// Couldn't see past our...
19 days ago
My words may seem like encouragement when I write// To others it's a nuisance for their minds ain't right// I story tell about the past and the problems of all// Too many youngsters gone to the needle...
Fallen Angel
a month ago
As I opened my eyes I began to fall In slow motion I began to stall, as If these lessons weren't broken Black wings barely attached with the feathers off like broken handled bars, my heart had soaked ...
An Open Book
3 months ago
This is my area my comfort zone so watch me mope// Watch as I sick back through plenty strife while I try and cope// Open these shutters with an open mind// I've only shown tears in the rain for pain,...