Robin Carretti

Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn.I am from New Jersey near Princeton.I write from my heart I am a singer.Technocolour poems are splendor.

Checkmate to Narrate
2 days ago
Standing higher than you ever could imagine High up you're the one on the air His headset heard your voice He was so mindset, to make his choice The bed was covered with a sheen silken How her eyes kn...
She Dressed for Her Door
4 months ago
How a "Huff" what a blow off she was definitely the "Powderpuff" so Angelic magical wand of dust. She dressed in the mirror of energies through her door he came to her low sultry sound one powerful vo...
The Tea Tickler
8 months ago
I'm boiling hot getting love spasm. But somehow being shy with a touch of tea for two, he zooms in my tea room. This love takes over realism. Being shy hinders our perception. I feel like Alice no tea...
Angel Mind Unsettling
9 months ago
Somehow we create tomorrows. She has fallen like one crush of a wing. How one person can hold your mind to cling. Something changed inside her oversetting. He was overpowering her thoughts. So alarmin...
Al Dente Elf Vigilante
9 months ago
The dark puppet master he will have your ears. Like a sadistic vigilante, he loves his feeding Al-Dente. So forceful Gimme Gimme her ear-on a dead-ring plate Was this naughty after slaughterhouse food...
Stitches Black Widow
9 months ago
The dark wicked black I was the beast. My laptop needed a creep out rest. No one knew I wasn't going to tell. Seeing the R-I-P but was peace my "HELL" Spider veins stitches and witches with their veil...