Robin Carretti

Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn.I am from New Jersey near Princeton.I write from my heart I am a singer.Technocolour poems are splendor.

Angel Mind Unsettling
a day ago
Somehow we create tomorrows. She has fallen like one crush of a wing. How one person can hold your mind to cling. Something changed inside her oversetting. He was overpowering her thoughts. So alarmin...
Al Dente Elf Vigilante
4 days ago
The dark puppet master he will have your ears. Like a sadistic vigilante, he loves his feeding Al-Dente. So forceful Gimme Gimme her ear-on a dead-ring plate Was this naughty after slaughterhouse food...
Stitches Black Widow
4 days ago
The dark wicked black I was the beast. My laptop needed a creep out rest. No one knew I wasn't going to tell. Seeing the R-I-P but was peace my "HELL" Spider veins stitches and witches with their veil...
Skull Crashes Guitar Ashes
5 days ago
The Ghost sugar how come you dance so dead. Not a ghost of a chance video game cup head Strumming her dead weight of ashes.The guitar was the weapon the demon rock me new flashes. Those rolling heads ...
Turned Up Nose "Darkstar" North
11 days ago
Your voice rides the Northern states. The good and evil highlife of rebates. Like the biblical times Those darken stars of Australian mates. The women have dressed to the petticoats nine lives. Like a...
Demanding Bet Met My Demons
12 days ago
The restless is for the fools overly touched the devil met my red dress. How he loved to steam me and iron me. What the devil is this about. He spoke like a creepypasta undertaker. She would scream le...