Rebecca Mahar

Hi there! I love writing and anything really creative and so I figured I'd try my hand here at writing poems and possibly stories. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

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Faded Hatred
2 months ago
The fiery feeling that fills your heart with loathing and anger that is none too quick to leave. It can consume your life, turning you into an unrecognizable monster. It controls you and makes you bui...
2 months ago
My breath clouds my glasses and only my eyes can search anymore. I want to rip my own heart out of my shattered chest. The monster in the corner looks so much like you, but I’m not sure anymore. I can...
2 months ago
In the midst of nightmares and reality there is a land you can escape to. It swallows you whole and wipes your memory, but just temporarily. You have nothing to hide from while you’re in this beautifu...
Sweet Dreams
2 months ago
When the sound of rain hits my window at night I know I’m home. I know that I’m safe when I hear your voice on the other end of the phone. My cold nights don’t feel so lonely with you here with me. My...
Sober Slurring
3 months ago
Every shot I take is another memory of you disappearing. Every laugh I let out while the music is blaring and my body sways like a boat on rough waters is a laugh of ignorance and pain. The liquor sta...
4 months ago
Nights go by like birds in flight sweeping past me violently. The nights are long and cold in this little room. The mornings so violently real there's no time for emotional fences. Walking around I fe...