Rebecca Mahar

Hi there! I love writing and anything really creative and so I figured I'd try my hand here.


My Art:

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17 days ago
Nights go by like birds in flight sweeping past me violently. The nights are long and cold in this little room. The mornings so violently real there's no time for emotional fences. Walking around I fe...
a month ago
Blue and white clouds dance in the sky like children on a rainy day. The ideas of happiness seem so clear to those below. Invisible stars fluttering in between smiling planets. Tears don’t exist here ...
a month ago
Brightest light that will guide me to where I must go. The creeping shadows all but a blur. Whispers and howls all encased in a reality so unreal. Where do you go when the moon disappears? You float w...
Future Unknown
a month ago
Lighting flashing and the wind crying so many emotions flood me at once. The painful tightening of my chest brings tears to my eyes and collapsing is inevitable. To be whipped up in the wind and rain ...
Empty Throats
2 months ago
Speaking is all I know how to do. I can weave my words as beautifully as a swan dancing on semi-frozen waters with a lovely piano piece playing in the background. I know how to sing a song of love so ...
2 months ago
I never liked the taste of cigarettes. The bitter and disgusting bite that follows the burn of the tobacco never appealed to me. I always thought there were better ways to Deal with pain than slowly b...