Raz Seedz

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Red Pop
2 months ago
Facebook told me that it had been three years since we met, that whole lifetime squidged into a suggestive notification. The little red pop akin to the little mark I got from you that I fondly feel fr...
His Spit // To Spark
2 months ago
Her lips weren't sure, the glint was ruthful. Her knowing of it all was becoming tiresome, so they retreated to the view point to feel the soar. At first with reaps, then with punch, then with drips. ...
Your Mother's Brow
2 months ago
The glints in the furrows of you mother's brow remind me of where I used to be. From pick-pocketing prostitute pink lip smack to coveting sleep squeezes and postage stamps of trauma. There's something...
4 months ago
Beep Beep What you doing tonight? Beep Beep Going through some stuff Beep Could do with a Beep Chat Beep Beep Facetime soon? Beep Beep Its been ages Beep Opening on friday, Beep beep Coming? Beep Beep...
A Present
6 months ago
i will always remember the day you took me to church you came home with fresh natalas (i can still smell them) and we told each other we'd tsom— not drink, eat, smoke, sex til sunset. we lay surrounde...
7 months ago
its just dawned on me, something which probably dawns on everyone as soon as they meet me. that i am the love child of the poorest and the richest. the poorest and the richest in culture, faith, beaut...