Ramiro A. Hernandez

18 || STX || A resident of the Hispanic and mostly rural community of Hidalgo, TX. In love with many things, in hate with none.
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9 months ago
how is it possible for you to lie to me? how is it possible that I believed you? I know the tension isn't just a fragment of my imagination. your veins, and the blood rushing through them, tell me you...
Silky Beach
10 months ago
It's a little cold in between my covers, silky smooth... You won't even look at me, but it doesn't kill you. Do you not get cold as the sea does in the freezing winter? The ocean tide, carrying me awa...
Nuestra Historia
a year ago
I still remember the day we started talking. I can’t remember all the details, but I remember the sensation. It was something I can’t describe with the simple phrases of the human language. Those bein...
Fractured Mirrors
a year ago
I'm not scared of mirrors. I look at them from time to time, but every morning as I wake in the darkness of the sun's absence and go to wash my face, I can't bring myself to look at my reflection. I d...