Rachel Dow

Learning from life experiences and documenting them along the way. Poetry and connection with others makes my heart sing. All proceeds/gifts that you donate are going towards a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. 

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You're Ugly
12 days ago
Lift your face up from the magazine And look me in the eye The mirror is not where your identity lies. Didn’t you realize No amount of concealer Can hide your beauty? You’re dying inside Every inch of...
A Testament to a Life Well-Lived
12 days ago
When I am old, My life will count for something. My wrinkles will tell stories So my vocal cords don’t have to. With every creak and crack Of my aging back I’ll smile and say “These old bones don’t wo...
Raw Secret
12 days ago
You ask me why I’m so insecure And I just smile. For a moment, I remember that you believe in me. You believe in me In a way I can never believe in myself. You believe in me in the same way Little kid...
A Study in Deconstruction
13 days ago
I. The first time you said you loved me, My gut reaction was panic. The thought of forever with you Was enough to send my body into shock. II. The first time you kissed me, I thought your mouth held s...
Morning Thoughts
14 days ago
Every bump, Every bruise, Every freckle I want to memorize Everything that Contributes to the Topography of your skin Breathe you in Sleepy and soft-smiled At three in the morning I want you to unders...