r. nuñez

I am a shamanic priest who loves to write stories, poetry, and songs. Retired, but still helping people, animals, and the planet.

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Verses of a Blue Note
a day ago
The following verses are song/poems from what might be described as a blue period in my life. They were originally songs, roughly written and arranged in bluesy melodies. Those melancholy times were t...
The Unfinished Song
a month ago
Today a Storm You could see a storm today, Riding on the winds of change, Turning light-blue skies to gray, And descending on the range. There may come a torment soon To the hillocks of the grange, An...
a month ago
Mona was my wife... we met in 1969, the summer of love, lived as hippies, moneyless and homeless; she was the mother of my children... she is gone now. We met when days were like a meadow in the summe...
Dream of Love
2 months ago
We dream of things we remember, and so it is not unreasonable to dream of past loves. The question is – do we welcome such dreams or do we become depressed by them? Do we cherish what we had once or d...
A Slideshow in Someone's Day
2 months ago
Is it true that one sees his or her life flashing by in the last moments? Another seedling in the sun, An earthquake breaks its gentle hold, And then, a rainbow lights the sky… All within a minute. An...
A Mother's Day Tribute
2 months ago
Eterna Bona Free Form Verse My mother loved flowers, butterflies, and birds… things of color and song. In every little bird whose song I hear, There is my mother’s timbre, loud and clear. In every sil...