Pooka Mitchell

I love poety, crazy stories and to make ppl laugh.  Using my imagine to please other is the best feeling in the world. 🌏 hope you enjoy

In the Grave
5 months ago
I feel like I'm drowning. Every secret and feeling I ever had has been pounding against my skull like a fist to a face. Trying to deal with every triumph in my life and still make sure the ones I love...
Dear Father
5 months ago
I wish I were as happy as I seem. I wish I were the perfect daughter you wanted me to be. I wish I truly believed in ... myself. I wish upon a star. Growing up with all I knew was my father as my prot...
a year ago
Waking up feeling like you are repeating the same day over and over again. You try to distract yourself but you have the same thoughts and memories. Pain that you have had bottled in for so long is fi...
That's Deep
a year ago
The Struggle, Deepness, Depression, and Kill life is taking over so grab a shield. You say you're from no set but they take you still. Red, Blue nation not about that life. Born in the ghetto with eve...
a year ago
As I sit awake and bed I watched as my father turns into mom, kid, and sir who rapes me. I never know what to expect and I'm always alert because I never know the next person knocking on my door. Hey ...