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Change Your Story, While You Still Have a Story to Change💭
4 months ago
Where to begin, you're 22 living in a new place. Surrounded by a city of wonder and dreams. This is what you wanted right? Of course, but what in life was I meant to do? I know it wasn't sitting at a ...
New Year, New You
6 months ago
New year new resolutions New goals to aim for A week in you feel great It's a shame that in a month it won't be the same The main question is how do we as people, stay motivated? That's easy, think ah...
Love; It's Worth It
8 months ago
Have you ever had someone in your life, You love and always think you could never Love harder? It's the greatest feeling in the world. You have a best friend for a life. A soul mate. A partner in crim...
Routines & Loops
8 months ago
One day you wake up and you're sixteen. Then before you know it you're turning thirty. With no clue where life was supposed to lead you. The thought in your mind creeping up, Are you ever going to hav...
9 months ago
You hear a beat or a Melody, that makes you move your feet. A voice that connects over a thousand people. You feel light and inspired by the voice and the sound. An artist singing his/her heart out, N...
9 months ago
Bridges are meant to create a path in a direction you want to go. You can build them or burn them. You can walk or drive. If you look into those sad eyes of yours from the driver's side. You might thi...