Poetic Goddess

Welcome to my world, come inside and let my poetic vibes soothe your soul, while my words echo in your mind and leave you wanting more. 

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10 months ago
I've become a prisoner in my mind. Trapped with no escape while contemplating the time and days I've been held captive. I try to find light, but my vision is still hazy and yet to be clear, I ponder a...
False Vibes
2 years ago
He lured me in with his conversation, with his words my mind got stimulated, I was smitten almost head over heels, until I learned false vibes can make you think even the ones who are fake, keep it re...
Spoken Word
2 years ago
These rappers be in the booth claiming they spitting the truth, while they creating music that ruin that the youth, funny they how claim to inspire, albums sales going up, while number of black males ...
"New Beginnings"
2 years ago
Yesterday is gone, and here I stand feeling empowered and strong. Something came over me when I woke up, made me see that life is worth living when you don't give up. Sometimes those people who claim ...
"Spoken Word"
2 years ago
Drip, drop, drip, drop went the rain as it cries tears of my pain. I can hear echoes of him calling my name. Our love is still burned in my brain. He feels me up and at one point he would build up. Th...
"Faded Memories"
2 years ago
A love that once was heaven sent, has become so condensed. I remember when we had smiles, laughter and talks of happily ever after. Then one day laughter turned to tears and my smile became a frown. M...