Poetic Goddess

Welcome to my world, come inside and let my poetic vibes soothe your soul, while my words echo in your mind and leave you wanting more. 

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10 months ago
They say mind over matter, but what do you do when your matters control your mind? Is there a solution to this confusion or have I run out of time. I find myself breaking out in cold sweats while real...
Spoken Word
10 months ago
Lying awake deep in thought as the air flows freely through my hair and Vivian Green plays in the background. I contemplate the meaning of life and reminisce about the days when everything made sense....
"I Am Not My Hair."
10 months ago
Kinky, curly, or nappy I love my natural hair and it makes me happy to be unapologetically me and that makes me feel free. Look at your big lips, big hips, and dark skin thinking you are a queen, but ...
Soul Mate
10 months ago
I crave you even when you're close to me, when I close my eyes it's your face I see. Your brown eyes and beautiful smile is still etched in my brain. I feel as though without I would go insane, someth...
The Black King
10 months ago
A warrior in his own right, some would deem him a knight. But to me, he is a king, a Black king, although sometimes he is misunderstood he does what he can and still remains a good man. Society often ...
My Destination
10 months ago
I'm tired of settling for good enough and being lowered to potential. I want more in life besides the struggle and strife, but that struggle makes me humble. Sometimes I find myself about to stumble a...