Poetic Goddess

Welcome to my world, come inside and let my poetic vibes soothe your soul, while my words echo in your mind and leave you wanting more. 

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My Crush
8 days ago
His smile illuminates the room and fills it with happiness that only he can bring. His laughter is the cure to my pain. When he speaks my name I blush because for the first time in years I never thoug...
8 days ago
I want to get wasted and faded off your kisses while your heartbeat is in unison with mine. I need to feel you, I want you to feel me understand this desire that has my body on fire when you enter the...
Adolescent Memory
9 days ago
Ready, and willing but still left with the curiosity of what you're feeling. A simple hello has become impossible to achieve, once upon a time I used to believe that you were the one for me. But even ...
2 months ago
I'm triggered cause I thought you were the one but it was an illusion which came with confusion and had me losing myself while I placed my self-worth on the shelf. Every day I looked in the mirror and...
The Escape
8 months ago
I feel myself pulling, slowly pulling away from everything that once brought me comfort and peace. I see myself leaving, leaving all the things that made me feel low and beneath the world. Outside I a...
Spoken Word
10 months ago
Escaping the pressures of expectations, while setting limitations on others opinions of me. Breaking free of disapproving stares and walking through life confidently without a care. Some say I'm diffe...