Peter Rose

Author of books on Magnet Therapy

Individual essays as e books and collections as e book and print  also some fictional works available at Amazon;-


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Reflections on a Life Nearing Its End
9 months ago
Reflections on a life nearing its end — or a warning to the young I have lived a life of many parts some happy and some sadness filled. My age now rises high as the larks but without sweet song being ...
9 months ago
The angry wind searches the darkened land, The darkened land scowls at the restless sea, The restless sea hisses frustration on the shore, The shore shrugs its sandy shoulders, and carries on as befor...
Winter and Summer
a year ago
A winter day No burning log, sparking bright, no mulled wine for the night. Instead we have a satellite, Showing pictures of others wealth, all brimming with fake good health. All round the world, see...
Drink, Future and Boredom
a year ago
I need a drink by Peter Rose The day has gone bad all around are sad promises not kept girls have wept So hard to think so I need a drink. I have tried the brightest till face seems tightest the smile...
Death, Domesticity and Do Not Expect
a year ago
To die a glorious death—in awe of William Buttler Yeats and with a thanks to Chris Rea. Look beyond that tumult in the sky, look beyond an airman’s death. Thunder road and Daytona’s dust, take beyond ...