P.J Mimo

Canadian writer born in Montreal, Canada

Started writing poetry in 1996 after a failed relationship with a young woman.

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Don't Let Me Go
15 days ago
Night is over morning is near I listen to your voice and the last words I hear... Don't let me go I want to talk some more let's dream away again for a little more I tell you, you're tired you should ...
My Muse Has Gone Away
a month ago
Reading my skits and my lines I realized that my heart was so blind Over time, and time again I fell for love that wasn't my friend My Muse has gone away to a better place for her heart to play My Mus...
Little Crazy Roxanne
a month ago
I could imagine 17 years younger than me some say it is crazy, some say it's meant to be I say, lucky me Oh... and those curves and that long dirty blond hair that serves me everywhere... Me. and litt...
Your Legend Will Never End
3 months ago
You are my best friend... your legend will never end you are my heart and soul you brought me into this world... Many tears went down your face when you raised me up in my dismay oh... I am so sorry t...
This Is My Trail
3 months ago
This is my trail... where I brought you This is my trail... where I held you This is my trail... where I loved you It was my trail to my heart... walking it down with me was a start... Like a long jou...
Kiss Me Behind the Door
4 months ago
I see you every night even though you’re not mine I watch you with your friends and I feel it’s the end I come over to say "Hello” and what’s new with you I see the tears coming down your face and I r...