P.J Mimo

Canadian writer born in Montreal, Canada

Started writing poetry in 1996 after a failed relationship with a young woman.

Spiritual Love
7 days ago
It’s wired into our minds the shaking at the knees... the embrace of living the moment the motion to please. God, I know I lived those moments that I'll never live again I made it clear to myself all ...
It's 11:11
8 days ago
I look at the time that drifted away late night opened my eyes wished I could of stayed the angel is in tears we both know he wanted us to love each other so much, you know It's 11:11 you're thinking ...
It's Not Always Easy 'The Letter'
8 days ago
Dear you, I get out of bed like I drank the night before my back is aching like I broke it before those glasses of gin don't settle in ...so I've written this letter to you cause I can't sing It's not...
Valerie Song
20 days ago
She was about my age, just turning 5... she'd tied my shoes while I dreamt she was mine I needed her friendship to make me feel strong This is my...Valerie Song I remember you my precious friend you w...
Two Sides of the River
21 days ago
Never opened my floodgates to a broken heart but I’ll save you first ... and you'll count me out. for my love will always hurt Two sides of the river that's what separates us two sides of the river it...
I Will Find You
a month ago
I will find you Many have come and gone with the secrets of my life one with my soul and the other with my blood Tearing my hopes into shreds my time will say... I will find you when I find my soul wh...