P.J Mimo

Canadian writer born in Montreal, Quebec

Started writing poetry in 1996 after a failed relationship with a young woman.

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Show Must Go On
15 days ago
As I dream away to a better play where the actors are still in love while I think towards the truth of love I dare myself to find you with what I have in hand of an understanding more than I can stand...
Taking It Easy
24 days ago
I'm taking it easy taking my time looking at my mistakes and where I drew the line The winter is so dam cold but the summer nights are coming along I need it to bold just like you were a woman to put ...
Walk the Line with You
a month ago
With my past buried away and the lines of love that go on... the trust in myself moves on. today... I must carry on I will walk that trail once more to a woman that will have opened my heart and door ...
It's Not Always Easy (The Letter - Original)
3 months ago
I get out of bed like I'd drank the night before those gin glasses went down I'd like some more I get dress like an old man the 70s are calling me even more It's not always easy missing you your soft ...
Bitter Cold
3 months ago
...It’s still cold here inside... among my bitter harden soul As the snow falls as this wall of mine... may I one day I stand tall alone And I wonder about... the bitter cold... the winter storms, the...
So Bad So Good
3 months ago
A thousand tears didn't fall down my face something you'll never see you wanted to me to leave your heart so you made a fool out of me So you end it so good so bad and you end it so bad so good Twiste...