P.J Mimo

Canadian Poet & Writer born in Montreal, Quebec

Started writing poetry in 1996 after a failed relationship with a young woman.

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How Many Times
3 months ago
I fell for you a long time ago made it difficult for me to hold your hand and not to let you go You let me go and I tooked so bad many months had past I believed, I was sad How many times did you brea...
Not in My Life Time
3 months ago
As I remember the doctors discussing before my eyes my ears were open wide within the mind of a little boy in disguise I was chasing my dreams through the fields hitting my first at-bat, saving the ne...
Warm Me Up Baby
3 months ago
Looking at your photos and knowing that it's you my mind dreams again of your body and all it would do Your mind runs like a living time bomb I ain't worried if it explodes Hey, I myself, can be a ten...
Falling for You
5 months ago
I wish I knew the words back to your heart breaking it wasn`t the greatest start You`ll never know how you made me feel... with you, everything felt so surreal I knew where my heart was letting, me go...
Mademoiselle Gabrielle
5 months ago
I hope she'll answer my letter I hope she gives me a sign and I hope she dares herself towards me to let go of what’s behind... If we ever meet one day down the street I would be the doormat on your f...
Show Must Go On
6 months ago
As I dream away to a better play where the actors are still in love while I think towards the truth of love I dare myself to find you with what I have in hand of an understanding more than I can stand...